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If you know me, you know I love to blog my entire life daily. Some days I don't have time but if I do, it'll be on here.

7/22/06 3:42 PM

Currently: Doing absolutely nothing

So bright and early on the 15th, Devore and I left for
Laurie and Sarah's Awesome Adventure To...
THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay! Mmk so we left early and got there before we could get into our place so we took a walk. All the way to the pier and you know what we noticed? No boys. Well there were boys. 14 year olds (which apparently Devore is into, lol) and boys with girls. We pretty much had no hope for meeting anyone and I guess we were good with that. We walked and laid out, as any good southern girls would do. Then Sunday rolled around and we were sitting out in the water when there were these kids. And by kids, I don't mean 14 year olds. They were skim boarding and such and just happened to be getting closer and closer. One of them tried to kill Devore with his skimboard even, but he had a nice smile so we forgave him. And then him and his friend tried to further impress us with their flipping skills. Sadly enough, it worked, lol. We have two new friends from NC and their names are Will and Steven. I got stung by a jellyfish and didn't cuss or cry about it. And yea, I do consider that an accomplishment. We went out that night to the pier and just hung out. They didn't kill us and throw us in the ocean like Drew thought they would so that was always a plus. We went to the Pavillion the next night and met up with them. That damn pirate ship! Me and Devore almost had heart attacks cause they convinced us it was gonna go upside down and we didn't know when it would happen. Let's just say this, it doesn't. Anyway, the next day me and Devore did nothing but swim and such. Then we went clubbing! Ha, well sort of. We just went to the Attic but it was a lot of fun. Me and Devore were pretty much the best dancers there and the guys should have felt priviledged to be there with us. Someone got shot on the street that night. We still don't know details but we were leaving and there was police tape everywhere and Devore was like "Oh yea, I heard someone got shot." I'm glad she told us that when it happened... Anyway, we went back to the cars and Will taught me how to drive a stick shift! Well actually all I can do is shift into 1st and reverse but I was very proud. Definitely made me happy. We went to McDonald's afterwards but that really doesn't have any significance. Btw, you can't possibly know how badly dancing can hurt your knees until you can't move one of them when you wake up. That was hell. The next night we shot fireworks on the beach and Will made friends with a cop. We also took an un-necessarily long walk and couldn't find our place very easily, lol. I think we got to bed at like 2 that night. And our last day we spent sleeping and then out at the water and then we got to babysit, fun fun. I'm never having 4 kids. I'll end up killing myself or them. Anyway, I heart Devore's little cousin, he's awesome. We had him and his sister and her friend and Devore's little brother. The guys didn't wanna go with us, wonder why. Anyway, we took them putt putting and Steven (her cousin) only beat me by 2 strokes. I got a hole in 1! Yay! Steven and Devore did too. After we took them back we met up with the guys and watched Bewitched, which was adorable. Then we swam til like 3 or 4 in the morning. Yea, they were supposedly leaving early which is why we were in the process of getting to bed at that time. Only Devore wasn't tired so me and her sat out on our balcony. We talked for about 2 or 3 hours, mainly about Jesse Lee. It's nice to talk to her about him cause she was there with me for so many of my memories. We talked about that day and that week and the funeral and just cried a little. I really needed that. I mean, I'm at a really good place with him right now. I've finally stopped being like "Jesse should be here" because he is here. I take him with me everywhere and that's why I want that tattoo. I want everyone to know he's there, to never doubt that again. Plus, he sent a sign to tell Devore that he still thinks she's satan. How can you argue with him still being here? I don't know, it was just good to cry with someone else about him. I really miss Devore. In the past when I've had boyfriends, I've kinda ignored her and I hate that. I realized it that night more than ever cause we were actually having to catch up on stuff. Best friends shouldn't have to do that. And no, I don't love Devore as more than a friend, lol. Anyway, we went to bed and expected to be woken pu in the morning but we got up at 1 and still hadn't been called so we figured everything was cool. The guys left us and made us really sad. I don't know, I guess we kinda liked having them around, lol. They made us miss The Word on the Colbert Report though. Gah they're lucky they're cute. We packed up and did all that stuff. Made our last video. Which I forgot to mention! Devore and I made a video for everyday, complete with a ghetto-ology report. They're awesome!!!!! Don't worry, I think we're gonna edit out everything we said about the guys and put them on myspace, lol. We were really sad talking about everything in the car cause we had such a great trip. Seriously, it only could have been made better by sailing. I missed sailing on days like we had there. We're home now. Well she's at softball but she was home. And I've talked to Will a little which made me happy. Hopefully we're going again next year. And hopefully we'll get to see those guys again cause they were a lot of fun. Basically, we had the two cutest boys on the beach and we were happy about it.
They did make me miss the Muffin Pie though cause stupid NC took him away. Anyway, I want more sleep, even though I probably won't get it today. A tired, kinda sad, ready to go back to the beach Sarah, out.

Addition after the fact...
I wanna be hopeless again. I know, that sounds really freakin gay but seriously. I've haven't felt just hopelessly romantic in a long long time and I miss it. I used to be that way, all the time. I don't know what took it out of me but I just don't feel hopelessly head over heels for the thought of love anymore. It's weird. And I'm being emo. Yay...

7/6/06 2:27 PM

Currently: Watching Family Feud

So yay! I'm back! I know my Grandma has this page bookmarked (hi Grandma!) so yea, this should stay pretty clean, lol.

That's pretty much it for now. A very tired and slightly hungry Sarah, out.